(207) 967-9171
13 Western Ave, Kennebunk, ME


Passionate, friendly, unpretentious, and helpful staff with wines that are not available at a lot of other places – really happy about their selection.

– Miguel

My wife and I found this shop online while driving into Kennebunkport for the day. It is so difficult to find a good independent wine shop in southern Maine. As we live in South Berwick, we often shop at the state stores in New Hampshire and have found on several occasions wines that are off vintage and questionable. There are good deals, but the personal touch is sometimes lacking. Matt and Libby are knowlegable, enthusiastic and clearly love being where they are and doing what they do. The shop has a great selection of wines in that “sweet spot” range of $10 to $15 that are well researched. There are also some very nice “higher tier” wines that will not disappoint if one chooses to splurge. This is a great shop. Go there. Buy wine. You will be happy you did

– Tammera

Wonderful tastings and knowledgeable and helpful owners. Great variety and lots of choices at a reasonable price range.


This place sells wine. Lots and lots of varieties and price points of wines from all over the world and the store is laid out in a very easy to navigate manner. They also sell some cigars. And a touch of cheese, too. We spotted a couple bottles of things we were interested, and after bopping around town for a while, we came back to buy one of the reds we saw. Would I come back here again if I was in the area? Sure! I would just make sure I was coming here for something very specific (like the Cavicchioli 1928 Prosecco, which I’m so glad they carry! What a creamy, delicious prosecco that is – definitely try it if you’re a fan of bubbles!) or have my phone handy to answer the questions I undoubtedly will have about what goes good with what, the viscosity, the notes, etc.

– Steff

Such a beautiful store, very knowledgeable owners and staff, and absolutely love the high quality service provided everytime me or my family is in.

– Erin

This is the best wine store for miles and miles. It has a well-curated selection of wines and cheeses. If you can describe what you like, they can find a wine, perhaps one that you have never tried, that you will really enjoy. I highly recommend this place if you are in the area. It is worth noting that, even though this store is in the heart of Kennebunk’s lower village and very near Kennebunkport’s Dock Square, the prices are right in line with other, bigger stores. You do not have to pay more for the convenience or the excellent customer service.

– Gordon

Great selection and helpful recommendations. If you are on vacation and looking for a place to get quality wine this is the place!

– Paul

Matt and Libby are the perfect wine store hosts/owners! They have so much passion for their products, it’s a treat to visit them and hear about their latest great wine. Please make it a destination when you need to stock up!

– David

The place to go in the kennebunks for wine and cheese along with great conversation and friendly owners.

– Brad